Mine Safety Consulting Services

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Consulting Services Include:

  • Help Fighting MSHA Citations and Fines
  • MSHA Training Plans 
  • Compliance Audits
  • Part 46 and Part 48 Training – MSHA Blue Card Certified Trainer

Mining Safety Expert for:

Mine Consulting Services:

MSHA Citation Help:   Receive advice on how you should handle any MSHA citations or litigation. 

Compliance Audits:   Identify violations. Minimize risk. Reduce Fines.

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MSHA Part 46 Training Online: Kim works with the Mine Safety Center to provide Training available online 24/7 for New Miner Training, Annual Refresher Training, and Newly Hired Experienced Miner Training.

In Person MSHA Part 46 Training:   Meet the training requirements for Part 46’s Annual Refresher training, New Miner Training, and Newly Hired Experienced Miner Training.

Part 47 Training and Written Program:   Meet MSHA’s Part 47 written program and training requirements.

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In-Person Part 48 Training:   24 hour New Miner Training with an MSHA Blue Card Instructor.

Custom Task Training:   Get task training manuals tailored to your operation

Site-Specific Hazard Training Program:   Give workers and visitors all the mining safety information they need.

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Part 62 Hearing Conservation Program:   Get help developing a written program designed to meet federal standards. Protect your employees from overexposure to noise, which can lower your company’s liability.

Continuity and Resistance Testing:   MSHA mandated continuity and resistance testing using a Ductor. This test is required by MSHA every year and any time that equipment is moved, or repaired.

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“Kim knows how to clearly identify what a company needs to raise standards and meet MSHA requirements.”

Mike Heenan
Shareholder at Ogletree Deakins

“Kim has firm understanding of interpretations and application of Federal statutes and regulations. Kim is honest and hard-working, a person of integrity.”

Dominic Vilona
Compliance and Litigation Specialist at J.S. Redpath